Twists Sponge

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Premium Hair Styling Tool


  • Black & Gold Twists Sponge
  • New and improved quality design
  • Special grooved pattern
  • Creates perfect curls, twists, & coils faster than ever
  • 4-Layer premium foam technology
  • Extended durability and longevity 



Using the Twists Sponge will require a simple but effective technique. Follow the steps below, and you'll have instant curls, twists, and coils within seconds.

1. Fully pick out the hair.
2. Slightly damp the hair with water.
3. Apply CP Hydrating Mist and (or) CP styling crème throughout hair. 
4. Use the Twists Sponge and go in clockwise circular motions.
5. Make sure to apply LIGHT pressure, do not press heavily.
6. Go from one section to the next section.